Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter Resisting Spring

War of the Seasons

“Now you will have noticed
that nothing throws him into a
passion so easily as to find a
tract of time which he reckoned
on having at his own disposal
unexpectedly taken away from him.”

( The voice of Screwtape in C.S. Lewis’
Screwtape Letters.) Notice how fiercly
Winter in her icy garb fights to remain,
while Spring in the background patiently
lobs snoballs hoping to driver her away.
Sometimes Winter has stayed so long
she has taken on an air of entitlement.
But Spring will persist. The warmth is
driving Winter to the northern regions
to wait her turn at command. The
geese will soon have their wings free of
ice. (This painting is on rice paper.
It is approx 25x35. It is one of 4 but
can be purchased on its own.) The
framed original is $800.00. Because
of the intricate detail this condensed
version makes it difficult to see. I
would be happy to schedule a viewing.

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