Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Rights

I have the right to listen to the ravens, to hear the story being told by all of creation. I have the right to repeat creation’s story, to speak my own language, to keep my eyes open, to judge my intentions, to cherish freedom, to stand against evil, to sit in solitude, to sing in community, to be amazed at children, to be in awe of the elderly, to walk around flowers, to crush cruelty, to cling to my destiny, to bestow charity upon the poor, to bring comfort to the dying, to seek reconciliation with my enemies and pardon for my thoughtlessness. I have the right to speak the truth, admit my confusion, strive for simplicity and demand protection for the weak and failing. I have the right to refuse the shame of my need and my pain and the freedom to live with an eye toward the dignity bestowed upon me by my Creator.