Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Yellow Suitcase (excerpt pg. 2)

She knows nothing.
Less than nothing.
This is what she knows.
She has agreed to what
she does not know, to what
she believes will be easy.

Something black.
Something white.

Knowing she knows nothing
happens later. This is now.
Now she does not cry.
She leaves her weeping behind.
Behind is where
her weeping remains.

A ring is slipped on her finger.
A circle of gold.
And then on his, his hand is
also captured with gold.
Pictures are taken.
Pictures help with
Nothing is needed
to help them forget.
Forgetting is easier
than remembering.

Between them is a suitcase.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Yellow Suitcase - A Fairy Tale For Adults

It is a simple occasion.
What can I say?
The wedding is
not elaborate.
They wear black and white.

No, this is wrong.
White and black.

The bride comes first.
Always the bride first.
Everyone agrees.
Everyone -
Florist. Caterers. Musicians.
Even the printers.

The guests bring gifts.
Tied with ribbons,
swaddled in tissue,
dressed in foil paper,
kissed with glitter cards.

She carries a glass bouquet.
Imagine. Breakable blooms.
Blooms carried like
sky hooks to love.

It is a happy occasion.
But there are tears.
Wept and unwept.
The tears are here.