Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Sacred Romance

On this Maunday Thursday, I am withholding my thoughts in service to these of John Eldrige's from The Sacred Romance, "Being unable to defeat God through raw power, Satan’s legions decide to wound God as deeply as possible by stealing the love of his Beloved through seduction. And having “seduced them to his party,” to ravish them body and soul; and having ravished them, to mock them even as they are hurled to the depths of hell with God himself unable to save them because of their rejection of him."
The Beloved here refers to God's creations: me and you - all of humanity. In the scaffolding of this impossible thought, I take on the day open to God and His sweet incomprehensible wooing. Having been given a gift, I myself am incapable of giving, how is it that it is still being given and I have the choice to reject or receive?