Monday, March 29, 2010

Broken Flowers

I woke up thinking about broken flowers and the Bill Murray movie, "Broken Flowers". When I woke I realized the broken flowers were women. Obviously. A broken flower is an impossible thing. A flower is not glass. It thrives or dies. The broken flower puts in mind a tender thing that has taken on a varnish so as to protect its tender construction. Bill Murray was not broken but empty. Broken is better than empty. His (character's) only moment of passion was when he suspected he might have given a part of himself to create another...........when he pursued the boy he pursued the possibility of breaking and life spilling into himself. I'm sure the broken flower also refers to the hyman. But that is obvious. Numb is not good. Numb means something is not working. Something is so shut down that circulation is impaired. When circulation is impaired for long enough, blackness sets in because the blood takes a nap and refuses its travels. When blood naps for too long, appendages can snap off. A toe is a tiny thing but once it snaps off you miss it. Fingers are missed also but not as much as noses. Ears are just as bad. For lack of an ear, glasses sit askew. Then both seeing and feeling are impaired. Once an appendage snaps off, odds are it won't be snapping back on. Also, I found it tragic that a man who carres about a seemingly homeless, hungry boy has to explain that he likes girls. But he should have said, I like girls to like me. I don't really like girls. I just think they are pretty. Like flowers. When I bump into a girl, I break her. Don't walk behind me barefoot, you'll hurt yourself on the trail of broken flowers."

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